About Us

Our Origins

Leicestershire County Council and Nottingham City Council formed a partnership in 2010 to deliver HR, payroll and finance transactional shared services. Supported by state of the art technology, the shared service offers a sustainable solution to deliver more efficient, cost effective services and a technical platform from which new ways of working can continually be developed and delivered. EMSS brings a more customer centric way of working, it adopts a more efficient approach to delivering services and by sharing the knowledge and investment, the risk of failure to each council is minimised.  It is also designed to make these benefits and opportunities available to other public sector organisations to share across a wider base the financial gains that the partnership has enjoyed.

Founded in a major transformational programme, EMSS enabled both councils to respond to the challenging financial and political landscape for local government, as well as the public’s expectation to deliver services that are of high quality and value for money and will enable both councils being in a stronger position to protect frontline services.